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Lil Nas X

Source: Lil Nas X / Columbia Records

Lil Nas X, who just announced he was taking a break from music, says that he prayed that being gay was “just a phase.”

The “Old Town Road” rapper sat down with Gayle King for CBS The Morning and revealed that he thought being gay was just a phase because he heard a lot of homophobic comments while growing up.

“I would just like pray, and pray, and pray…that it was like a phase, that it would go away,” he said. Lil Nas X says that “being in the position he’s in and coming out is good for him, but for someone little boy 10 miles from here, it isn’t.”

“Somebody who’s listening to me in school right now, it’s like, ’[You’re] gay, cause you’re listening to him.’ says X, “So, there’s still a lot to be done, of course, but I do believe it’s helping.”