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That’s when Sydney replied once again, this time providing a link to Euphoria’s Youtube channel, where she made a special video going behind the scenes on set.

The reviews were mixed on this “secret” reveal, because a lot of people were expecting something a little more grandiose–like the release date for season 2, or something along those lines.

With that being said, the fans will take anything they can get when it comes to this show, so a behind the scenes look at the sets, the actors, and everything in between is still pretty cool.

While on set, Sydney talks to some of her co-stars including Zendaya, Alexa Demie, and Hunter Schafer.

First, she stops at hair and makeup to show us all the magic that goes on before the actresses make it in front of the camera. Then, Sweeney goes into the action to see all of the different sets they’re building for the various scenes the cast and crew have to film that day. She also takes us into one of the classrooms that they use to film school scenes in, which is lit exactly how fans are used to seeing it on the series.

To get your daily Euphoria fill and see what things are like when the cameras aren’t on, check out Sydney Sweeney’s behind the scenes tour of their set down below:


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