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Lena Waithe‘s passion project Twenties is headed for BET and the series is already getting a touch of star talent.

In an interview with Variety, Waithe revealed that rapper Big Sean is joining the cast. The eight episode half-hour series will explore the many adventures of Hattie, a Black queer girl, and her two straight best friends, Marie and Nia, who occupy most of their time talking ‘ish’ and chasing their dreams. The show will explore themes of love, friendship, and messing everything up along the way.

It’s yet to be revealed what role Big Sean will play in the show, other than his character’s name is Tristan. He’ll be joining a cast of rising stars, including Christina Elmore, Gabrielle Graham, Sophina Brown,  and Jonica “JoJo” T. Gibbs who plays Hattie. According to Waithe, Sean was a natural at acting:

“There was a character, Tristan, we had written that made me think of him. I didn’t even make him read for it, I knew he’d be right. He’s so natural. He’s so good. He’s easy on the eyes, as we all know. The ladies are going to get a kick out of watching him on screen.”

Guess we can expect the acting chops and sex appeal from Sean.

In the movie world, Ava DuVernay is gearing up for her major comic book adaption New Gods. 

DuVernay did a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday and fans were desperate for more info on the flick based on the DC Comics series. With her answers, it was revealed that the iconic DC villain Darkeid will be apart of the movie, along with his loyal female warriors The Female Furies. A villain turned hero who defected from the Furies, Big Barda, will also be apart of the movie.

“How could any self-respecting Barda fan not include the The Furies?! I’m looking forward to them so much,” DuVernay tweeted.


Ava also teased that someone from her acclaimed Netflix series When They See Us will be in New Gods. 

“In each of my narrative projects since my first film entitled I WILL FOLLOW, I bring over an actor from the last project I made. So, yes, there is a 99.9% chance this will happen again,” DuVernay tweeted.


Surely comic and movie fans will be on the edge of their seats as more info surfaces. We’ll keep you updated!

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