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You may know Saudia Shuler as ‘Prom Mom.’ She went viral in 2017 for the lavish prom send-off she threw for her son.

The send-off had a Dubai theme and included sand, a real life camel and luxury cars all in North Philly.

The following year she did another prom send-off for kids in her neighborhood who could not afford prom. The send-off was a Black Panther theme and it was straight outta Wakanda! People were dressed as the characters in the movie. Saudia along with members of the community paid for the outfits of deserving teens.

Saudia was later accused of and admitted to collecting social security disability payments for years while failing to report income that would have made her ineligible. Social security fraud is a federal crime.

She was facing 140 years of jail time.

Wednesday, a judge gave her 3 years probation, 6 months home confinement, 100 hours community service, $36,785.67 restitution.

Saudia is also popular on social media. People travel from all over to her restaurant Country Cookin.