Calboy at Boom 103.9

Source: @JustInMyView / Radio One Digital

Calboy is currently celebrating the success of his hit single “Envy Me”, and during his tour stop in Philadelphia, he stopped by Boom 103.9 to talk with DJ Caesar.

Since the tour stopped in Meek Mill‘s city, they kicked the convo off by congratulating him on being one of the newest Dream Chasers signee’s, and how the relationship between himself and Meek Mill first got started.

Calboy says Meek was one of the first successful artists to reach out to him, and the deal with DC sparked a new match in him and his music career. They touch on tour life and what fans can expect when they go to a Calboy show, and we get a few new details on Calboy’s latest project coming soon.

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DJ Caesar includes Calboy in his question of the day “Who Needed Who More – Jay Z needed Beyoncé more, or was it the other way around?” This led to the discussion, if Calboy could choose one artist to build a “Jay Z/Beyoncé” type empire, who would he pick?

Check out the interview to hear his answer and much more in the video below. Calboy will also be hitting the stage for the Dope Shows Festival going down July 6th.



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