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Parking crime

Source: Splash News / Splash News

Drivers out there understand that when it comes to the rules of the road, there are some things that are written and some things that are unwritten.

Usually, the unwritten rules are around courtesy, honesty and just being a decent human being.

But unfortunately, there are some evil-doers out there who will quickly toss all rules out the window before they give up a good parking spot.

This was clear in a video and Twitter thread that went viral when two cars were trying to parallel park in Koreatown, L.A. According to ABC 7, a black sedan faced off against a silver car for a curb spot in the busy area.

The standoff continued for OVER AN HOUR.

Twitter user Mariah Flores peeped the whole scene from her apartment window, and she provided photos and videos to her Instagram Story and Twitter followers. Her coverage of the “event” went viral and soon, many folks were taking sides in the “Car War.” Check out the situation below…


The person driving the black sedan had apparently driven past the available parking space only by a few feet, which supposedly meant that they were about to back into the space.

But the silver car was like nah.

They pulled right up behind the black car, supposedly with the goal to PULL INTO the parking space.

Flores started recording the standoff around 6:30 p.m. and as time was nearing seven o’clock, the two vehicles were still facing off.

They were even causing disruption in traffic, but they could care less.


P   E   T   T   Y.

While the drama persisted, Flores continued to survey her followers, asking if they were “Team Black Car” or “Team Silver Car.” Things got pretty heated…


Even celebs like Chrissy Teigen jumped into the debate….


Eventually, the whole ordeal stretched on for more than an hour. The sun went down and the two drivers were still sitting pretty in their car…waiting for that parking spot. Flores told ABC 7, “They were just on their phones, sitting there being patient. It was like a really beautiful display of patience.”


After a long saga, a miracle finally happened.

A car parked nearby pulled off, and two parking spots were now available for the black and silver car.


Both vehicles parked alongside the curb, and everything was beautiful.


However, the two drivers seemed to be quite comfortable sitting in their rides now because it took ANOTHER couple minutes for either driver to leave their car. Eventually, the driver from the silver car left their ride, and the intense episode came to an end.

Flores was so moved by the situation, she decided to leave a note for both cars.

On the silver car’s windshield, her note read “Your resilience is inspiring. Thank you for the hour & a half of entertainment. I’ll never forget you. I hope you & black car can be friends after this.”

On the black car’s windshield, her note read, “I was always on your team, I really thought you would win, but am happy with the way things turned out. Everyone on my Instagram said you deserved the spot.”

Luckily, the parking spot fiasco didn’t turn violent.

Only question is…would you have the saintly patience of the black and silver car?

Hit the next pages for more reactions on who’s #TeamBlackCar and who’s #TeamSilverCar!

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