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Big Sean

Source: Def Jam

Jhene Aiko addressed a fan who commented on a photo of Aiko in the studio, “Well Big Sean…she finna snitch,” the fan wrote.

Aiko replied saying, “Me and Sean are good. i’ve got tons of love for him…I know you all love the drama and would like to think everything i do or say is about him, but i’ve been through plenty of other things and situations that i pull inspiration from when i sit down to create a song. have a good day.”

Aiko revealed that her next album will consist of freestyles, one which she shared back in December called “Wasted Love Freestyle.” Aiko cemented the break up last year when she got Big Sean’s face covered up with a tattoo of a fire-breathing dragon and a solar system on her back.

Big Sean hasn’t spoken out about the breakup but he recently said he took a break to focus on his mental health, “I started realizing that you can’t give or depend on somebody for love or a good time if you can’t give it to yourself.”