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Three of Radio One Philly DJ’s make an appearance on Deion Allen’s “Welcome to D.A. World” Podcast to talk all things DJ related. DJ Touchtone, DJ Bran, and DJ Caesar all sit down with Deion to talk about what it’s like to be a DJ.

Touchtone reveals what it was like growing up blind and how he made the best of it, turning his loss of sight, into a positive experience, as his heightened sense of hearing turned into his love for music. Started of playing recorded at his Mom’s house during family gatherings, to doing a guest spot on Radio One Philly, Touchtone never missed any opportunity to make his mixes heard, ultimately landed him where he is today!

From watching his dad host nights at the skating rink, to shutting down his high school homecoming, to becoming Meek Mill’s official DJ, Bran has fit his self-proclaimed “Silent Assassin” roll all along. As he tells his story about how he came up in the game, meeting Meek Mill, and landing a job at Radio One, he also lets us know who the silent assassin of the rap game is!

Last but not least, the waviest of the wavy, DJ Caesar tells us an amazing story on his most heart wrenching breakdown, from losing a job, to janitorial status, to ending up back on the airwaves at Boom 103.9. He also fills us in on how he stays so wavy and who the waviest, most stylish rapper in the game is right now (Hint… it is not Future)

We rap up the segment with each of the DJ’s giving their opinions on: what they think of this new generation of hip-hop, what it takes to make a “radio-worthy” song, and what is next for these three, as well as final gems any aspiring DJ’s.


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