Word on D.A. Street: Hottest Tape on the Street? Meek Mill vs. Lil Baby



DNA is hitting the streets of Philadelphia and beyond, asking what’s the word on the street is on various topics. From music to sports, to food and entertainment, DNA is liable to ask anything under the sun and is nobody is safe from questioning!



11/30 was a major day in hip-hop music as Meek Mill dropped the highly anticipated album Championships, while Lil Baby dropped his fourth mixtape titled Street Gossip.



Album vs. Mixtape, obviously the album should carry more weight, but let’s find out what the streets think who comes out on top of this friendly feud! The Question for our pilot segment is: Which project is better and which do you anticipate will have the most first week sales? Philly held down it’s own Meek Mill, as he takes the win 3-1. #Championships


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