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When Halloween arrives it’s best to either go hard or go home and this year, many people took on the challenge.

Usually, celebrities always take things to the next level with elaborate threads and epic homages to their favorite figures. For example, Beyoncé seems to be making a tradition out of dressing up as her unsung heroes. Last year, she paid homage to Lil’ Kim and this year, she gave tribute to 90s-era Toni Braxton and track-and-field icon Florence Griffith Joyner a.k.a.  Flo Jo. Jay-Z gave Bey athletic support by dressing up as gold track medalist and activist Tommie Smith.

But big names like Queen Bey and Jigga aren’t the only ones who won this Halloween. Family and fans took home the gold this week and you can check them out below. Then hit the next page to find out who lost in the worst way possible.


Tina Knowles 

Ms. Tina is basically that mom who shows up to your high school house party when she said she was going to stay upstairs and watch T.V. or have a movie night with the girls. Now she’s left stealing all the chip dip, taking unwarranted video and sharing her latest corny jokes with your friends.

Ms. Tina pretty much did all these things at the Halloween Boo Bash Beyoncé and Jay-Z threw along with Kelly Rowland and her husband Tim Witherspoon. But because she’s Ms. Tina and Beyoncé‘s mom…

We enjoyed every second of it.

She posted ALL the unwarranted celebrity videos to her Instagram page, complete with captions stating the obvious…


She inadvertently gave us inside tea on who’s allowed to party with Beyoncé and who’s not. For example, Insecure‘s Yvonne Orji and her new bae Emmanuel Acho are clearly on the come-up…


And the night wouldn’t be complete without one of Ms. Tina’s corny jokes…



Scary entertainers

It’s one thing to dress up for Halloween, but I appreciate those who go the extra mile to put on a show.

Of course, Diddy was up for the challenge when he proved “It” a.k.a. Pennywise the Dancing Clown was also bit by the #UproarChallenge bug…


Then there were those who absolutely murdered some spooky dance routines. Salif Lasource, Anderson Aron, Sidi Yafa, and Alex Afios definitely got the world’s attention with their Halloween video that got over 1.6 million views on Instagram…


Add in the hilarious antics of Famous Amos and you’ve got a Halloween full of entertaining wins.

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