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Tiffany Haddish is out here working. Ever since she starred in Will Packer’s Girl Trip, which was directed by Malcolm D Lee, she’s been everywhere. So when her tv show The Carmichael Show went off the air it was no big deal because she was about to blow all the way up.

In 2018 Tiffany will appear in 4 movies, the already released Uncle Drew, Night School which hits theaters this Friday, as well as The Oath and Nobody’s Fool coming to theaters later this year. The saying goes if you ain’t got no haters you ain’t mother effing popping. Tiffany is popping that’s the reason why she has a lot of haters. Haters saying things like she is working too much, she doesn’t deserve her spot or she keeps playing the same character.

Well in her new movie Night School she plays a teacher called Carrie, who is trying to earn some extra money to survive in this world by teaching a GED program at night. The movie also stars Kevin Hart, Rob Riggle And Romany Malco who completely steals the show.

This movie is just what you would expect from Kevin and Tiffany a silly physical comedy with fart jokes, throw up jokes and a straight roasting session between Kev and Tiff to introduce us to her character. Night School gives us what we love about Tiffany with some brief glimpses at the range of Haddish as an actress.

I sat down with Hart, who co-produced this film with Will Packer, and the woman so popping comedic legends are hating on her success. We talked about their hilarious fart scene where I asked Kevin who would he allow to fart in his face. Tiffany suggests Kevin’s wife farted in his mouth before. Hilarious.

We also talked about Kevin and Tiffany’s five-year plan after a lot of bad math. For the record Think Like A Man was released in 2012.

Lastly, I asked Tiffany how she ignores all the hate she gets and she revealed she got real problems to deal with not to mention how she is cashing all these checks. That’s why she was quiet when Katt Williams spouted off nonsense about her and her career. Of course, they addressed Katt’s comments during their interview with The Breakfast Club, but what about everyone else? Tiffany drops some knowledge and some jokes of course.

The interview is perfect to watch just before you go see Night School in theaters everywhere on Friday, September 28th.

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