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Insecure is back on HBO for the third time (season 3) and the kickoff episode begins with an awkward reminder that Issa is staying at Daniel’s place, in case you forgot. What’s awkward is that fact that he gets it in with an extremely loud woman in his bedroom as Issa sleeps on the couch and hears everything. She knows what that d do and still wants that action so that makes it worse. The next day, Issa asks Daniel if he knew she was home and it’s affirmative that he did. This is all obviously weird as Issa and Daniel (but more Issa being awkward and not really knowing what she wants) continue to pretend they don’t want each other.

Meanwhile, Molly is living it up. She’s finishing up vacation just before starting a new job at her new law firm. Issa is still on board with her primary job at We Got Y’all, which is starting to become toxic. We all know she wants to leave, but at the same time LA is expensive and she needs her own place so we don’t know what’s going to happen there. In addition, Issa picked up an extra gig as a Lyft driver, which becomes an interesting adventure because Issa always does the most without trying. Hold that thought.

Speaking of Lyft, Issa and Molly have a beautiful reunion when Issa picks her girl up from the airport. They catch up on everything, but Molly leaves out the fact that she’s still messing with Dro. We all know that entire situation is still shady af.


Later on, Molly rolls with Issa on a Lyft run and this is where the journey starts to get interesting. Issa refers to her car as the “Party Lyft” and she’s working hard for that 5-star rating and those tips by offering Capri Suns to her guests and she probably got the phone charger in there too. Anyway…eventually, Nathan gets in. Nathan is a foine new LA transplant who seems as cool as a cucumber. It’s also obvious that he’s still adjusting to life in LA. Their ride with Nathan goes well but then they pick up some gigantic thug LA dude and things go left. LA Thug starts smoking in the car and gets rude when Issa tells him to stop. Nathan tries to be a gentleman and stop him and this leads to a brawl in the car with mild-mannered Nathan beating the breaks off the thug. Nathan gets so worked up that he apologizes and then runs away but based on the chemistry and the fact that Nathan is too fine for this to be his only episode, we know he’ll be back. Watch.


Finally, Issa gets back to Daniel’s place and basically wants to know why he has been distant from her. Duh! It’s obvious and Daniel is tired of the games so he asks her what she wants and why would stay at his place when she could stay elsewhere. She admits she still has feelings for him and tells him that she stayed at his place because she knew he’d be there for her like he always is and she needs someone like that in her life. Anyway, this conversation doesn’t really go anywhere because again, this is what happens when two people have feelings for each other and try to pretend that they can comfortably exist in the same space without getting in their feelings. Negative.

Finally, Dro gets salty with Molly because she’s finally trying to established boundaries and this is another reminder that our favorite hot mess best friends are back. Yay!


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