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On Friday, The Washington Post released an in-depth report on R. Kelly’s well-documented history of abusing and manipulating young women, with testimonial from six victims and multiple witnesses and enablers.

One extremely viral moment from the story came from RCA employees who said Kelly left a cup of urine and stains on the floor of a studio during a recent six-week session.

Studio workers were given non-disclosure agreements to sign and not allowed into the space while Kelly worked. But one worker said she was disturbed enough by what she witnessed to speak to The Post on condition of anonymity.

After Kelly left, she found a cup filled with urine on the baby grand piano and the studio’s wooden floor had been badly damaged with urine stains.

The recording studio representative said she contacted RCA about the damage. The Post obtained from a former Kelly staffer photographs of the studio sent to Nancy Roof, RCA’s vice president of administration. (Roof did not return phone calls.)

When asked about the damage to the studio, Kelly’s management team responded: “This is an obnoxious question that reflects a malicious and intentionally defamatory motive by the questioner.”

Now, there is much more to the story worth reading — including lessons about how money and fame made millions of adults turn a blind eye to two decades of abuse.

Another important note — don’t assume that the urine is Kelly’s, or part of some freaky stuff. A key part of the story includes multiple accounts of women having to uronate into cups after being deprived of bathroom privileges.

Those who benefited from Kelly’s talent, like David McPherson, Clive Calder and Demetrius Smith, chose to ignore obvious signs while the handlers and assistants who did know stayed quiet about what they did know.

Some, like former manager Barry Hankerson actively helped Kelly meet his wants, including Hankerson’s niece a teenaged Aaliyah Haughton.

Hanksrson provided the fake ID that Aaliyah used to illegally marry Kelly. Her parents had it cancelled as soon as they found out, but the Post’s report suggests that Kelly has only gotten more sophisticated with his freaky ways.

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