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For all of the ‘Uno’ fans, there’s a follow-up to the classic card game and it’s called ‘Dos’. Yep, it’s a real thing!

According to Mattel, the makers of both ‘Uno’ and ‘Dos’, the rules are a little different this time.

Dos comes in a 108 card deck, 4 fewer cards than Uno. You can still place down a card that matches the number in the pile but if a player has two cards that add up to the number of the card in the center pile, you can put down both cards. There are also two piles to draw from and of course, when you’re down to your last two cards you yell, “Dos!”

There don’t seem to be any Draw 2 or Draw 4 card either. Instead, Dos plays on a point system.

Will you be giving Dos a try?



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