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Sources tell Love B. Scott,

Three months after I started working with Mary, this was 2005. It was about 7:30am and Mary was off rehearsing for a small show. I was at the house in Saddle River, New Jersey. It was like 14º that morning. One of Mary’s new songs that she had just finished recording for the ‘Breakthrough’ album was pumping through the house. I went down the hall to ask Kendu for something, and I saw him in his underwear — and I saw [his assistant] pulling his c*ck out. They didn’t see me, but I felt bad for what I just saw. I was new so I just left it alone.

Eight months later, we were over in a house Mary & Kendu were renting in Beverly Hills. Kendu and [his assistant] were sitting in the living room. Now, the house was beautiful — clean lines, big windows. I guess Kendu thought I was gone, but I was back outside by the pool on the phone and I could see straight through the patio doors. Kendu was sitting and whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

Fast forward, a couple years later — I had taken some time off to do other things. I come back and now they’re living in a rental on Mulholland Drive — updated, very contemporary, polished concrete. I’m downstairs doing my job and [his assistant] is in the house. She and Kendu were presumably working on something upstairs in his office. I go upstairs to ask Kendu when Mary’s coming back — and she’s was slobbing him DOWN, giving him head.

One day, I don’t know if she’d been drinking or what but she broke down. I was prepping some things for and Mary & Kendu were both gone. [The assistant] completely broke DOWN. That’s when I really knew — this girl is in love and over it.

[Another time] I’m going to Runyon, I usually park on the street — somewhere on Franklin. I see this sweet Mercedes G 65. I look closer, and I realize it’s Kendu. He’s on the street, standing outside the door with this girl in the seat with his body between her legs. They were touching and rubbing. I recognized the girl, she was the pop star Kendu and Mary were developing…Starshell.