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Oprah set the world on fire after her epic speech at the 2018 Golden Globes. Many people are assuming she might run for president, and considering the culture we are in — where celebrity matters more than experience — Oprah might be a perfect fit. In addition, she is more than a celebrity. Oprah created one of the most successful television shows in history at a time when no one had ever seen a person like her as a talk show host. She built a successful network and built schools in Africa.

All of this without a million dollar loan from her father. But what does Trump think?

During a press conference about heartlessly destroying the lives on undocumented workers, Trump said, “I would beat O — ,” he stopped before saying her full name.  He also added, “I don’t think she’s going to run. I did one of her last shows … I like Oprah. I know her very well.”

Of course, he had to brag that he knows her and he was on “one of her last shows.” See below:

Although Trump clearly said he would beat her in a race, he wasn’t as arrogant as usual. Does Trump understand the power of Oprah and realize that she is much more loved and respected than he? We doubt it. There is no cure for his narcissism.


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