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We had Joe Budden co-hosting here for a week earlier this year, right after his now infamous situation with the Migos. Well it looks like months later, the Migos still have no love for jump off Joe Budden.

Just last week in a promo of the Quality Control album release, we hear a light jab at Budden in snippet of one of the songs saying, “If a n***a hating, call him Joe Budden (p***y!).” To that, Joe laughed it off and reminded us that he is retired and won’t partake in any Migos beef.

Well now Quavo has released what looks to be art work for a new single. This artwork features Joe Budden with a “Pump It Up” tattoo, rocks in his hand, an ‘Everyday Struggle’ wife beater and some Migos jewlery.

Can the Migos get Joe Budden out of retirement?