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Today marks the 48th birthday of an indisputable rap legend, Jay Z. While most fans are celebrating by listening to their favorite albums and sending out quotes from their most beloved lyrics, others are completely raining on on the parade. A tweet that was sent out during the last few hours of November is still making it’s way around the internet on December 4th, and mostly because almost nobody who’s seen it agrees with the questionable content.

A man with 21 Grammys and 13 Platinum albums, it’s blasphemous to say that Shawn Carter’s career isn’t one of the most impactful in the history of rap–and music as a whole. One twitter user decided to shake the table, and tweet out a list of rappers who have run rap from 1995 up until 2017, with Jay Z nowhere on the list. Some interesting tidbits from the list include Drake having a 7 year run, Nelly running the game from 02-03, and DMX running rap in 1998. The fact that one even has to list so many years where Hov was culturally relevant to argue he wasn’t running everything is testament to how wrong this entire tweet is.

This particular tweet has gone through every hip hop junky’s timeline over the past couple of days, and even DJ Akademiks reposted it on his Instagram page asking for thoughts. Charlamagne Tha God replied in the comments saying that this girl’s list is “total fiction,” and arguing all of his points about how Jay has most definitely been on top for a long time, and quotes the birthday boy himself writing, “you wanna be the white hot trendy thing, or you wanna be forever?”


As one can probably assume, her replies are filled with people quoting stats on why this is false, and mostly just expressing how untrue this is due simply to the fact of how long Jay Z has been relevant. People are entitled to their opinions, but Jigga having NEVER run rap in his long, history-making, critically-acclaimed career is not an opinion we shall acknowledge.

Check out some of the replies to this girl’s highly talked-about tweet.


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