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Miguel‘s latest accomplishment isn’t in music, but rather being on the cover of the latest (digital) issue of Paper Mag. Fresh off the release of his latest track with J. Cole, “Come Through And Chill,” Miguel is featured on the cover and throughout the issue recreating iconic portraits of none other than Salvador Dalí.

The soulful singer proudly posted his cover on Instagram writing in his caption, “Thanks @papermagazine for allowing me to recreate a couple iconic images of one of my favorite artists of all time #dali 🙏🏽 #splish #breaktheinternet#warxleisure”

In the interview with the publication, Miguel focuses on his upcoming album War & Leisure, set to release on December 1st. When speaking on the inspiration for his new album, he said, “It’s been in the back of my head for some time. I think it was understanding my body of work and trying to make heads or tails of it. I just felt an overwhelming sense of inspiration that’s pulling in opposite directions, on every level.When I really sat down to think about what those opposing forces were, that was my best way to describe it.”

Miguel also speaks on his involvement with politics–or lack thereof, and why his imagery for a lot of music and videos seems to be military-themed. His response to questions about being involved in politics is, “I wouldn’t say that I’m super involved in politics even now. I think War & Leisure in general is more about, not even the political aspect but just energy. It’s what’s permeating my reality, it’s what I feel and what I’m experiencing. I am more aware of what’s happening politically, socially and whatnot. I’m a lot more sensitive to it now. But I wouldn’t say this is a political album.”

You can view all of the pictures throughout the issue and Miguel’s interview interview with PAPER here.


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