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Orlando Continues To Mourn The Mass Shooting At Gay Club That Killed 49

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty

It’s seems like every few months or so, America is hit with a tragedy that forces the nation to take a good look at itself and it’s dirty laundry.

In recent months, we’ve seen natural disasters strike beloved places like Texas and Puerto Rico, all while the White House and government affairs are in utter disarray. We’ve seen Donald Trump blatantly ignore the racist acts of neo-Nazis while pointing the finger at the oppressed as the source of the problem.

But Sunday night’s Las Vegas mass shooting illustrated why we miss the poise and integrity of our 44th President, Barack Obama, and how much of an impact he had during tough times the country has faced. If you didn’t already think of Obama as a hero without a cape, just compare him to the 45th Head of State who spends more time arguing with athletes on Twitter than he does trying to help American citizens.

From Sandy Hook to Orlando, take a look at all the times Barack Obama has gracefully addressed a mass shooting during his presidency.


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