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If you can think back to when the world stopped and no it wasn’t Beyonce this time. It was actually the leaking of the final episodes of Starz POWER.  I mean Starz was pissed  even threaten to take legal actions on the person was responsible.

Well I guess 50 Cent is being served!

Yes ladies and gentlemen 50 Cent is our  culprit! NOw, If you remember originally when 50 was accused of being responsible he quickly denied those allegations. However, after the leak, rantings went up 10 percent after last episodes and 50 cent has confessed.

According, to 50, Starz knew he knew when HBO’s Game of Thrones leaked the show had a spike in ratings, and since Mr. Jackson wants to win and Starz assumed the suspicious leak came from in house and they were right on.

If you didn’t catch the leak episodes you can catch the regular schedule program of POWER on Starz Sunday at 9pm

Source: vibe.com