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Wiz Khalifa’s mom is apparently suing her ex daughter-in-law.

In a report from Washington County Observer Report, Wiz Khalifa’s mother, Katie Wimbush-Polk, is allegedly filing a defamation lawsuit against her son’s ex-wife. 

The lawsuit stems from a phone call that Rose had with one of Wimbush-Polk’s friend, Danesa Letic. The phone account was linked to Wiz’s moms name, to which Rose allegedly went on a tirade on the phone call that was picked up by Lectic’s niece before Danesa herself picked it up. The phone call allegedly included some very harsh language and words directed at Wiz’s mom.

Wiz’s mother’s lawyer claims that Rose “imputed criminality” on Wiz’s mom, which ultimately becomes a conflict as a volunteer for mentoring at-risk youth as well as being a grandmother as well. The lawsuit also claims that Rose told Wiz’s mom that she was responsible for the death of her son, Dorien Thomaz, who passed away in February from lymphoma.

So far, Amber Rose hasn’t responded to the claim yet but, it is in motion. Stay tuned to our site to get more information on this.