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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Things escalated quickly at one IHOP in Long Island. According to NBC 4, a family unhappy with the service they were getting found themselves in an argument with staff that eventually led to someone pulling out a knife.

The unidentified mother of the family told NBC 4 that her husband and two kids, who are both under four and have special medical and learning needs, had poor service. They requested to speak to the manager and the manager asked them to leave. According to the mother, they were preparing to exit when they heard another waitress say something about the kids’ disabilities. The family reportedly turned back around in response to the comment and the mother said, “all the wait staff engulfed us.” An argument followed and the waitress who had been serving the family picked up a steak knife, threatening the parents and kids. The mother said another IHOP employee grabbed the knife from the server and the family left. Nobody was injured, but the family was shook, said the mother.

The waitress who wielded the knife was arrested on a charge of menacing. She was released and is set to appear in court later this month. There is no info on why the manager supposedly asked the family to leave. The employees are not allowed to talk about the incident.

The owner of the IHOP franchise, Camile Gnolfo, issued a statement on Monday saying the business was cooperating with the ongoing police investigation. “This was a situation that would be difficult for anyone to imagine and we wish the outcome had been different,” Gnolfo said in the statement. “Multiple employees reacted to what they viewed as an immediate threat to their personal safety.”

We’ll keep you updated if more news surfaces.

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