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It’s no secret that Don Cheadle has never been a fan of Donald Trump—and he recently took to Twitter to blow up the president’s spot even more.

On Saturday night, the Oscar-nominated actor, who has called #45 a “POS” in the past, explained why he can’t stand Trump so much. According to Cheadle, his friend’s father was playing golf with Trump before he was elected and witnessed him call African-American women the “N-word.”

Trump tried it.

Now,  it’s important to point out that we don’t have the full details behind the story.

As AV Club pointed out: It’s unclear if Cheadle was actually there or if this is all hearsay—”but it’s a bold accusation against a political figure who’s spent a lot of energy trying to convince people he’s ‘the least racist person he knows.’” Not only that, but if this is true, Trump’s use of a racial slur while sexualizing Black women is truly disgusting and reprehensible.

(Omarosa, are you paying attention?)

Now when asked why Cheadle didn’t share this tidbit during the election, he admitted he didn’t believe that it would have made a difference in the outcome.

He does have a point.


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