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He sent Rih and her mother flowers for Valentine’s Day,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “It was the least he could do for two women he has the utmost love and respect for. The genuine gesture was to show them how special they are and let them know they’re on his mind on a day like this.” Sending roses is one of the most romantic gestures we can think of, so does this mean Chris wants to get back together with RiRi? Not exactly.

“This type of sh*t always happens to Chris on Valentine’s Day,” continues the source. “He gets in touch with his feelings and starts reaching out to all his exes. Part of him wants to talk to every ex-girlfriend he’s f*cked over and ask them what he can do to be a better man. Deep down, Chris wants to be in REAL, serious love.” That’s sweet and all, but what about rumored girlfriend Vanessa Vargas?

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