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Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform at the Superbowl LI halftime show this Sunday, Feb. 5th. However, there are some hip hop lovers out there that seem to have other plans.

There was a petition started on Change.org entitled ‘Replace Lady Gaga With The Migos For Superbowl LI Halftime Show.’ Not really a bad idea since the Atlanta Falcons are one of the teams in the big game.

Apparently, over 57,000 people support the idea, leaving the petition just under 18,000 signatures away from it’s goal of 75,000.

As interesting as a Migos featuring other Atlanta hip hop artist halftime show would be, the Migos had a better chance of singing the National Anthem at the Inauguration earlier this month.

Let’s hope Lady Gaga gets wind of this and decides to bring them out for a song or two.