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By: Bri Keey

It’s only been one day since the Obama family has left the office…yet we’ve already come up with 5 reasons that we’re already over Trump’s presidency:

“That ***** stole my look!”…..said the Inauguration cake

If you take a close look (or not so close look, because it’s obvious)…you can see that Donald Trump’s Inauguration cake is a replica of President of Obama’s cake back at the beginning of his second term. According to celebrity pastry chef Duff Goldman, he personally designed the cake for the Obama’s, and was surprised to see his work recreated on the night of Trump’s Inaugural ball. The story gets even sweeter when Goldman announced that he was not the baker of this cloned cake! It’s been confirmed that the culprits behind the recreation is a bakery called Buttercream Bakeshop, who admitted to completely stealing Goldman’s original design. But…before you get all up in arms with the bakeshop…this detail is important. The bakery said that “while we most love creating original designs, when we are asked to replicate someone else’s work we are thrilled when it is a masterpiece like this one”. So, do we blame the bakery for executing requests? Either way you stir the cake mix…it looks the Trump administration is already making a mess in the nation’s kitchen!

Ctrl+Alt+ did he just DELETE stuff off of the White House website?!?

If we’re not mistaking, Trump refused to let Clinton move past her ‘email deleting’ scandal during the presidential debates…but ironically managed to make removing a few key notions off his White House website, his first priority. According to the Washington Post, during Obama’s terms, there was an active White House website page regarding federal policy for people with disabilities. Now, only 24 hours into his presidency, website visitors who click the once present https://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/disabilites link are unpleasantly greeted with a “You are not authorized to access this page” message. According to PEOPLE.com, it seems as if links for LGBT, Climate Change, and Civil Rights, have all fell victim to this disappearing act. Let’s hope this is a technological glitch, and not part of Trump’s plan to “make America great again.”

Trump doesn’t care about Obamacare

On the first night of his presidency, Donald Trump signed one of the fist of many executive orders. He made a huge statement to the country when he signed the document that stated the administration’s official policy is to “seek and prompt repeal” of the Affordable Care Act. In simplest terms…the relationship with you and your doctor may change! The signing of this document doesn’t completely disregard the standing laws…but it can most definitely alter the way your healthcare is set up today. Do your research!

Pictures don’t lie…yet they say a thousand words

Despite the circulated aerial view photos of Donald Trump’s inauguration, (which were shown to be scarce compared to past inaugurations,) Trump once again claimed that the media had been dishonest/manipulative, and that a million people were in fact present on the National Mall that day.

Word on the street is that The National Park Service’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended after posting photos comparing Trump’s inauguration attendance to that of Obama’s. I guess these accusations will boil down to a battle of ‘he say, she say’ between Trump and the media. Nonetheless, one thing that is certain is the amount of people (actual millions) all over the world who protested against Trump’s administration this Saturday! Let’s get the facts straight, shall we!

Oh no! Not my grande caramel latte!

According to social media…and like any other news website, it looks like the afternoon coffee break took a bad turn when Trump administration protesters channeled their disapproval and anger towards an innocent Starbucks in Washington DC. Glass windows were shattered and police were called. Any president who can drive people destroy a Starbuck’s, sounds like trouble.