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Jaden Smith is super stressed out.

The young creator was at the DMV yesterday when he hopped on Instagram Live to tell everyone how much he’s failed – but at what, we don’t know. In true Smith fashion, he also gave us a little life advice, before denouncing the ways in which people use Instagram Live. He also said he’s leaving L.A.

“Everybody follow your heart, OK? Do exactly what you want to do. Be the you that you want to be. I’m about to move out of L.A. – there’s a lot of bad things here. Create the life that you want for yourself, you know? Don’t try to be somebody else. It’s hard these days to create the life that you want for yourself, because there’s nobody here that’s supporting the youth or the youth’s creativity,” Jaden said to his followers.

“What is Instagram Live? Why aren’t scientists Instagram Live-ing? Why am I? Why aren’t people Instagram Live-ing to cure cancer right now?” he asks. “This makes no sense… nothing about this life makes any sense.”

Then, in a moment that sounded a lot like Kanye West, Jaden adds, “We go on people’s Instagram Lives to escape, so we don’t have to focus to think about the fact that nobody wants to support our creative endeavors, and nobody wants to help us be creative, and nobody wants to give us the support system to make something that’s actually better for the world.”

See Jaden’s moment in the clip above. Hopefully, everything turned out OK.

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