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Rappers and sneakers go hand in hand like white on rice.

But hip-hop artists like Kanye West have managed to go from sneaker enthusiast to actual kick designer. On this episode of Kicks Council, Dustin Ross, Mouse Jones and Chase from Sneaker Pawn join BlogXilla to chat about rappers making waves in the sneaker culture.

Of course, you can’t discuss the profound topic of rappers and footwear without mentioning one of the first to ever bring those worlds together: Jay Z. Hov was the first non-athlete to score an endorsement deal for a line of sneakers from an athletic shoe company, but Dustin Ross claims he wasn’t a huge fan of the S. Carters, saying, “I’m a Jay Z fan! And I act like that didn’t even happen.” However, Mouse Jones thought they were the coolest things to hit the scene back in 2003.

Chase from Sneaker Pawn had another footwear design king in mind for his favorite rap sneaker. He said, “I think Kanye West got the best [sneaker]. He’s the only person actually designing the sneaker. I’d go Yeezy 2 or the Yeezy 750.”

Check out the clip above to see which other hip-hop kicks made the cut before Fresh Kicks Day on Dec. 10

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