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Dr. Tartt came by the morning show studio to talk about mental health and self-care, especially pertaining to black men. Monie Love notes that she sets aside time-out days when she’s going through things, to give herself time and space to process emotions healthily. Dr. Tartt says we have to change the definition of manhood and steer away from this idea that men do feel things.

He explains why the hardest thing to do is actually the manlier thing to do; acknowledging, talking about and dealing with pain. He also discusses why organizations looking to do outreach and therapeutic work in communities should take a look at the men, and how work like that impacts entire communities in multiple productive and positive ways. Check out this exclusive video to hear more of Dr. Tartt’s wisdom in this interview from the the “Ed Lover Show.”

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Dr. Tartt On What We Should Do To Keep Mental Health In Check [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]  was originally published on edlovershow.com