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Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Time doesn’t quite heal all when it comes to rap beefs.

Cam’ron recently proved that he’s not really over his beef with Jay Z, that may have started over 20 years ago. In a recent interview with Sole Collector, the world’s leading sneaker magazine, they asked Cam for his take on “legendary” sneakers created by rappers and whether or not he’d rock them.

The first photo was a pic of Pharrell‘s Ice Cream skate shoes made by Reebok in 2004, to which the former Dipset rapper responded, “Yeah, I would wear those. I like those, those are dope.” Next up was Jay Z’s S.Dot Carter kicks. When the interviewer showed Cam the photo, the Harlemite slapped the pic out of his hand to the ground and laughed, “Get the f**k outta here, man.”

Last but not least was a photo of Kanye West‘s ever so popular Yeezy sneakers. Cam’ron said of the kicks, “I just wouldn’t wear them but I’m happy for what [Kanye’s] doing.” As you may recall from back in 2002, Jay was not too pleased when Jim Jones announced that Cam’ron has been made a Vice President at Roc-A-Fella. Ever since then, tension between both Roc-a-fella artists has been extremely thick.

We can at least give Cam’ron credit for his honesty.


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