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If you follow T.I. on social media, you know he’s about that protest life.

The King of the South stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and opened up about protesting the recent election results and changing his name to TIP. The rapper was recording in NYC when he decided to join the call to action against Donald Trump that was taking place around the corner from Trump Towers.

When Kimmel asked TIP why he chose to make this statement, he replied, “Nobody in their right mind can ever assume that just gathering and going somewhere and showing your incredible disdain for a decision that the nation has made that that will actually do anything immediately. I voted and I’ve done everything that I could prior to now, but after the decision of the election happened, I just want to be able to look my kids in the eyes and make sure that they know that I did everything that the Constitution allowed me to do to show my objection to this decision.”

The Atlanta legend continued on about his upcoming album Us or Else, calling it a protest album. He said, “It’s protesting against police brutality. It’s in memory of all the young men and women who have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement unnecessarily out there in the communities with no accountability whatsoever. I just really want to see the nation head in a better direction.”

As far as the low-key name change, T.I. told Kimmel, “TIP is my name, that’s my childhood name that was given to me by my father.”

Check out the full interview above.

SOURCE: Complex

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