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Many people aren’t aware of the sacrifices others have made to insure everyone the right to vote.

Donella Wilson, 107 years old, cast her first vote in the 1940s and has taken total advantage of that privilege ever since. Wilson was born in South Carolina to parents who were former slaves, and is alive and well today to still cast her vote in this year’s presidential election.

She told reporters, “I never thought I would live to see a day like this. I’m over a 100 years old! [Black men and women] couldn’t spell vote. We didn’t know what the word meant other that we had an opportunity to say something and cast a vote, praying as we go along that the vote could count to help us as a Negro race.”

Wilson has been alive for many of the country’s greatest milestones, including voting for America’s first Black president: Barack Obama.

Now, she can make history again by voting for the country’s first woman president. She said, “I’m looking for her to be our first female president. I think it’s an honor, a precious gift from God.”

If Miss Wilson can put her painful past aside and head to the polls, so can you!

SOURCE: Huffington Post 

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