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Not even McDonald’s beef can be preserved for this long. Yes, Brandy’s still mad at Monica and it doesn’t seem to be over a boy. The R&B divas’ infamous 90’s feud was recently rehashed when an Instagram commenter asked Brandy if she would be participating in the #SoGoneChallenge.

Brandy replied, “Chile Bye,” which many commenters felt was shade, but Monica didn’t seem to take it to heart.

When asked on The Real about Brandy’s comment, Monica took the highroad by fondly reminiscing of the days when her, Brandy and Aaliyah were the princesses of R&B:

“I’m not bothered at all… I think that was just a test from God for me, and I’ve always thought that she was one of the most legendary people, and has one of the most amazing voices… Some of it’s been blown out of proportion to a degree… It was just a test for me to always just take the high road… We are from a special elite group. It was her, Aaliyah and myself. It was a very special time… The truth of the matter is the only Grammy we have is together.”

But Brandy clearly isn’t buying Monica’s peaceful front. Brandy replied on Snapchat Thursday with two videos that seem to be aimed at her former collaborator.

It’s hard to tell exactly what Brandy’s singing in the videos (or what she’s been sipping), but she seems to be mocking Monica’s PC appearance on The Real.

“I have to stay positive, I can’t say what I really feel,” Brandy said in her best Monica impression, hinting that her rival’s positive words weren’t genuine. Brandy continued, “I just know that my calling is higher… I’m gonna choose to inspire.”

Brandy closed by saying: “Be the change you wish to see in the world… Don’t be a shady —–.”

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