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During an interview with Black Collective, Stafford confirms that during his stay in the Charleston County jail, he had numerous conversations with Roof, but two were cordial enough that the corrections officers didn’t believe that Stafford was a threat. Clearly they were wrong.

Stafford, the inmate who attacked Roof in prison, has been released thanks to supporters paying for his bail. And he is now opening up and telling his story–and what a story he has to tell. 

One day as the two spoke, Roof’s flippant behavior about the deaths he was accused of caused Stafford to lash out, the Associated Press reported.

It began when Roof was talking about an 11-year-old girl who survived the Emanuel AME Church shooting, the same shooting where Stafford’s facing multiple charges, including the death penalty. 

 “He said something like, ‘I thought I killed the girl, the little girl, but they was like she didn’t get killed,’ and I was like ‘No, you didn’t get her. She played dead on you from what I heard.’” he said.

That’s when I gave him the smart aleck, saying like you so bad but you let that child get off on you,’” she added. 

Later on, Stafford saw an opening to assault Roof in the shower and monopolized on it, describing the moment “like in the movies when a girl in the shower and she gets startled.”

As HELLO BEAUTIFUL previously reported, Stafford, 26, escaped his room, ran down a flight of stairs, and hit Roof several times in the face and body near the showers.

“I can’t say he deserved to die because I’m not a judge but I had the power to bust his [expletive],” Stafford noted. 

Well alrighty then.


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