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It seems like Draymond Green can’t stay out of trouble these days.

Or perhaps hitting players in the crotch has finally come back to haunt the Golden State Warriors player. Over the weekend, Draymond accidentally sent a picture of his penis to all of his Snapchat followers.

At first Draymond, 26, claimed he was hacked:

But, of course, no one believed that story.

He finally owned up to making the mistake and spoke to reporters in Houston about the entire ordeal.

“There’s so many things going on in my world for me to sit and complain [that] I can’t catch a break. For me to sit here [and say] I can’t catch a break [for getting] suspended for a game in the Finals or I can’t catch a break for this situation, I’m living my dreams, I’m playing in the Olympics.To say I can’t catch a break, I think that’s disrespectful for everybody. How many people get to live their dreams? I’m not going to sit here and throw myself a pity party and say I can’t catch a break. I’m fine. I get to joke around with these guys all day and get to do what I love for my country. I’m fine. I’m fine,” he explained to the media.

Draymond immediately realized his mistake and tried to delete the photo, but he just wasn’t quick enough.

In this world, quick ain’t quick enough. Once it’s out, it’s out. I thought I reacted pretty quick. I saw those screen shots and quick ain’t quick enough in this world,” he said.

Some good could come out of the controversy, as Draymond has been offered a contract from Vivid, the same company who owns the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sextape, to star in an adult film called Drayzilla. Welp.

Maybe now Draymond will stop Snapchatting so much during Team USA’s Olympics journey.



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