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Hank Henny drops  his new   video from his debut mixtape entitled “F.O.C.U.S.” which stands for, Follow One Course Until Successful. The concept of the video is to look at the big picture in life.

“Everything we have  in front of us, was designed.  The crab in the barrel mentality was designed.  We have to get past that if we want to make change.” Hank Henny states.

With that mentality Hank decided to put his emotions into song and visual and help put the youth on to some “Game”

Hank  drops a few jewels in the video and put people on to some “game” with bars like “you still playing that tough role/ that Semi-Auto won’t save your soul/ Margiela’s don’t make your rich n*^$a/ every time I see you I still see a b*#%* n*$%%a”, meaning you think  material things and the hood mentality makes you a real person but in reality it doesn’t change who you are within.

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Name:Hank Henny @Hank_Henny

City: Uptown Philly

Producer: Melvin Darrell @MelvinDarrell

Director: Hq Lou @HqLou

Influences:  Andre 3000, Eminem, Drake

1st Purchased Album: DMX  “X was here”, Sisqo “Unleash the Dragon”

Bio:  Hank is a Hip Hop MC from Philadelphia, Pa. Being a young African American male growing up in the nicer part of the inner city, Hank was always aware of subtle differences between low income communities and higher ones, as well as the people that reside within them. Throughout his own personal experiences Hank determined that it is not where a person is from that determines their success, but rather it comes from something deeper within them. He recently completed his debut mixtape ‘Follow One Course Until Successful’ (FOCUS) which highlights everyone’s attraction of success, but also the distractions that interfere with the goal of attaining it.




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