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Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Central Intelligence' - Arrivals

Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s bromance is the heart (pun intended) of Central Intelligence.

Hart’s latest family-friendly flick opened with $34.5 million (domestically) this weekend, snagging the second spot at the box office. The comedian stars as the average working man who reunites with an old high school buddy-turned-rogue-CIA agent. Hart and Rock are truly a joy to watch.

Known for his brawn and charming muscles smile, rather than his comedic performances, The Rock taps into his comedic well and delivers an equally hilarious performance as his naturally funny co-star. According to Hart, The Rock’s comedic side has always been there; it was just about him landing the right role to unleash it.

“I’m more of the straight guy and he carries the weight of the comedy, which is a beautiful thing,” Hart said in a candid interview with HelloBeautiful. “We stepped up to the plate so we could both give our audiences a different point of view into our constantly growing careers.”

Hart is perfecting the blueprint of success laid by comedic legends before him. Hart continues to rise as he transcends genres and audiences, but there’s undoubtedly pressure to maintain his position as an entertainer.

“It’s always a challenge,” he said. “With any challenge you always want to make sure you’re always going up, you never want to go backwards. You want to make sure the material is always representing you in a positive way. It’s always giving me a character with levels. That people can relate to. This role did that.”

Hart’s success in the acting world doesn’t come without criticism. Roles in films like Get Hard, The Wedding Ringer, and Ride Along portray Hart as the sidekick.

“When you look at my movies, you’re dealing with two franchises. Think Like a Man, I came back and did Think Like a Man 2, I have to be the same guy. I did Ride Along then I did Ride Along 2, I have to be the same guy,” he explained. “That’s four movies where I play two characters but those characters have to be consistent. Those characters are coming along for part two, are the same guy. Understanding the likability and the functionality of that character is a talent and something you have to maintain. When you get into Get Hard, that’s a completely different person. In About Last Night, these are all different men and people with different flaws and different driving forces within the story of a script. When I sign up to do something, I’m very aware of what’s going on and I’m very aware where the separation is. I don’t feel like I’m doing the same thing at this point in my career.”

Damn! I forgot how many movies he’s starred in.

Despite the scrutiny, Hart maintains a positive demeanor. With anything negative comes a positive. Everything bad that happened at some part of my career, I was smart enough and strong enough to find the positives within that situation,” he said, adding, “If you don’t go down that road and take those bumps along the way, then you don’t have something that’s really strong to talk about and positive on the backside.”

Hart recently clapped back at a fan on social media over a comment she made about his fiancée, Eniko Parrish.

“I think on social media, sometimes you just have to let people know you’re aware and that you’re present. It’s not about humiliating people. It’s not about demeaning people. Or cyber bullying. People write things just to write them and they think because you’re on a platform as a celebrity that you’re not human and don’t respond. I love to respond with common sense. I love to respond with well-thought-out paragraphs. People can go look at it and reevaluate themselves. It takes a very unique person to go follow people on social media just to be negative. I think those are people dealing with things in their life.”

Hart ended it on this note, “I’m in a happy circle. I don’t focus on that, nor does my fiancée. We’re both in a very good thinking space and we’re not in the space of going backwards.”

Catch Central Intelligence in theaters now.


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