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What a turrible idea.

NBA star Charles Barkley reportedly almost found himself embroiled in an altercation with an angry basketball fan. It all began when the Golden State Warriors fan got heated after Barkley picked the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the Western Conference Finals.

The incident occurred Sunday night, but only recently came to light. It seems to be emblematic of the nervousness the usually confident Warriors fans are feeling.

Per USA TODAY Sports‘ Sam Amick:

There was pressure building on Sunday night at a hotel bar not far from the Thunder’s home, where a wayward Warriors fan was so enraged that TNT analyst Charles Barkley picked the Thunder to win the series that he challenged him to an actual fight (security was called, and the man was removed).

We can’t blame the Steph Curry fans, as their season has been full of unbelievable accomplishments. They beat the Bulls’ 72-10 regular season record and Curry was the first unanimously voted MVP in NBA history. But for the first time in a long time, the game isn’t in the team’s favor. They’re down 3-1 in the series against the Oklahoma City Thunder and they may not be able to dig themselves out of the hole.

The Warriors fan isn’t the only person to recently disagree with Chuck; former NBA player Charles Oakley recently told Barkley to “Stop Talking Sh-t” about the Cavaliers.

SOURCE: Complex, USA Today | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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