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T.I. talks about the new reboot of Alex Haley’s 1977 “Roots” series and whether it has been reworked to catch the attention of a new generation in a new, digital age. He explains why he thinks it will reach today’s generation of kids, whether it be the first night it airs or later on. Monie Love describes the feeling she had of watching the original series air at 7 years old, and explains why it may be difficult for kids these days to connect with that.

Plus, T.I. explains to Monie why he is adamant in his belief that every mother, father or caretaker of every child should sit them down beside them to watch with them. He says “Roots,” as well as film and television programs like it, is necessary to “challenge [kids’] integrity.” Click on the audio player to hear more in this fascinating exclusive interview on the Ed Lover Show

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