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For the past eight-plus years, it’s been completely exhausting to see the Conservative Right invoke every racist and sexist stereotype they know to describe First Lady Michelle Obama. The utterly gorgeous and flawless woman has sadly been compared to primates and called “fat,” “angry” and “unintelligent,” which for the record, she is the only first lady to hold two Ivy League degrees. She even had to “reintroduce” herself to America in order to soften her image during President Obama’s first presidential campaign.

And just when one thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

On Friday, conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison, tweeted the following picture comparing a very masculine, unattractive and angry-looking FLOTUS to a sweet, petite and beautiful white Melania Trump. To add to insult to injury, FLOTUS has a bulge in her dress with the caption: “#InTrumpsAmerica The #FirstLady will be Great Again! #Trump2016.”

This is so horrible and hurtful as it continues to perpetuate this falsehood that Black women are not as beautiful as white women, or beautiful period. Not to mention it plays up the angry Black woman trope. Seriously, when will it stop?

Better yet, why even attack Michelle, given that her husband isn’t even running against Trump? And while referring to Melania as a gold digger or to show her past half-naked modeling pics isn’t the answer either, it can’t be denied how hypocritical accepting her and dissing FLOTUS really is, especially for a party that claims it stands on a higher moral ground than the Democrats. The blind eye they are turning is noted and not appreciated.

And of course, folks snapped off:

In typical fashion, Garrison later bragged about new Twitter followers as a result of the cartoon and called those upset “cry babies,” The Daily Mail wrote. He also claimed the cartoon was satire, but funny how he depicts Donald Trump as a hero:


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