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Via Complex:

You’d be forgiven for thinking LeBron James is trying to hustle you by telling you that he drives a Kia in commercials for—surprise, surprise—Kia. LeBron has taken part in a recent ad campaign designed to try and convince everyone that he drives a car made by the South Korean company. You can watch one of his latest Kia commercials above.

However, LeBron’s Cavaliers teammate Richard Jefferson spilled the beans on Snapchat on Sunday night and revealed that LeBron really does stay true to his legally-binding contract and drive a Kia. LeBron was captured standing in front of a Kia in Jefferson’s video [which Kia probably likes], while laughing about it [which Kia probably doesn’t like], and expressing the same kind of Kia/LeBron trutherism the company mocks in its TV ads. Watch below:

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