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So this video has gone viral, a bunch of kids doing anything they want and disrespecting everyone around them. Then concluding the video with spitting at the guy filming this on the Frankford line yesterday in Philadelphia.

The simple fact that who ever was watching these children let them act out in this way is disturbing. As angry or as frustrating a video this may seem, and a lot of people’s initial reaction is “I’d (fill in the blank) out of them if they were my kids” is a common response and I can totally understand that.

If you really sit back and think about it though, I feel bad for these children, because whatever situation or person in these kids lives that made them think this is okay, is/are the real people to blame.

Sometimes we are a product of our environment, and it’s very clear by this video that at some point in these young children’s lives, they have been steered clearly in the wrong direction, and we can only HOPE some kind of change occurs because we all know the future that lies ahead of them if they continue acting like this…

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