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Women Are Using Tinder To Show Their Support For Bernie Sanders

College student, Robyn Gedrich was reported as “spam” on the dating app Tinder after sending her matches unsolicited messages about voting for Bernie Sanders. Gedrich, who is unaffiliated with the Presidential candidate would ask guys to text “WORK to 82623” which is how Sanders’ campaign communicates with his supporters. While Gedrich’s unique endorsement of Sanders may seem like an isolated incident, Tinder received so many reports of users filling the app with political messages that it’s recently launched, “Swipe the Vote” which allows users to partake in a 10 question survey which gauges whether or not they’re for or against issues including same sex marriage, repealing Obamacare, legalizing marijuana and abolishing the death penalty. At the end of the questionnaire users are “matched” with a candidate that shares their beliefs and encouraged to register to vote. Buzzfeed

Police Arrest Couple Connected To Multiple Sexual Assaults

Jaquan Lemon, 27, and Tori Riascos, 21 have been apprehended in connection with a rape, kidnapping and robbery in Atlanta. On March 6, a victim who asked to remain anonymous was getting out of her car at the LaVista Hills apartments in DeKalb County when Lemon allegedly came up behind the victim, put his hand over her mouth and held a gun to her head. Riascos reportedly took the victim’s money, cell phone and car keys. Lemon then drove the woman to another location and raped her at gun point. Unfortunately, the couple may also be responsible for a similar attack on March 14th. Between surveillance footage of the assailants entering the first woman’s garage as well as a sketch that police were able to produce from the woman’s recollection of the perpetrators, the couple was recently arrested. Lemon is charged with two counts of armed robbery, two counts of kidnapping and rape. Riascos is charged with felony and misdemeanor counts of theft by receiving stolen property. AJC

Toys ‘R’ Us Manager Steals $2M For A European Vacation 

Daniel Chon was a director of inbound and outbound transportation for the international retailer Toys ‘R’ Us. He illegally logged onto the company’s “Fleet Card” system which provides pre-paid debit cards for truck drivers lodging, meals and repairs as they ship merchandise to stores thoughout the country. From 2013 to 2016, Chon logged onto the system 113 times siphoning $1.89 million in withdraws from ATMs. Video surveillance showed Chon recently using Fleet Cards at ATMs in New Jersey. In 2015, he used the card with the stolen funds to travel to London, Madrid and Berlin. Chon appeared in federal court on Wednesday and released on $500,000 bond. Reuters

Woman Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle Nearly $3M Worth Of Cocaine 

Jet Blue flight attendant, Marsha Gay Reynolds was recently arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Reynolds, 32, is originally from Jamaica where she was a pageant queen. She’s also an alumna of New York University where she ran track. Reportedly, Reynolds had experience as a drug mule and she was taking advantage of the fact that airline employees typically aren’t subjected to the same TSA search procedures as passengers. On this particular day, Reynolds was selected at random for an extensive search. Frighten by the search, she kicked off her Gucci shoes and ran barefoot out of the Los Angeles airport leaving behind her luggage which included 11 bags of cocaine with a street value of $3 million. She’s since turned herself into federal authorities and is expected to appear in federal court in Brooklyn on Thursday. Heavy


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