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Despite having had two albums debut at number one on the Billboard charts, K. Michelle says she would have a more commercially successful career if she were a white artist.

During an interview with Huff Post Live, the reality star said that it’s a constant struggle to get radio stations to play her music.

K. candidly said record executives have told her that she can’t sing soul ballads like Adele. “They were like, ‘If this record was from a white girl, it would be number one.”

The Memphis, TN native has previously said that she grew up listening to country music and she would like to be able to show her musical range outside of R&B records. She went on to break down the “formula” that she said radio stations have for deciding which songs to play.

“There’s certain formats and radio stations and certain things we can’t sing as African American women,” she explained. “For instance, if I’m to do a ballad, it’s going to go to Urban [Adult Contemporary] — a very small audience. But if other artists, of other ethnicities are to do a ballad, it’ll be played on Top 40 and it’ll be played on Rhythmic.”

“The blue-eyed soul era is here,” she added. “I don’t care what color you are, but that is not the industry that I’m working in. I can sing the same song as a white artist and they’re going to ship me off to never be heard … but they’re not going to do that to white artists.”

Check out her full interview and let us know if you agree with the double standards that are seemingly imposed upon black artists.


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