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Ok who doesn’t love the movie “JUICE”?! Tupac was amazing in his first official acting role, and a young Omar Epps got launched into stardom as an actor. But as a DJ, I was hype to see this movie for other reasons.

Here’s a classic clip from Juice’s “DJ Battle” scene :

The weekend that “Juice” hit the theaters, I participated in my first DJ battle at Club Mahorn’s (Cherry Hill, NJ) in February of 1992.  Omar Epps was there as a special guest, as well as our very own Ed Lover.  It was hosted by Big Scott and Philly radio legend Colby Colb. I wound up winning the battle, and the prize was a 15 minute guest appearance on the legendary Philadelphia Hip-Hop radio show “Radioactive” with Colby Colb. I’ve been blessed to be working in radio ever since!

One year later I also entered the “Battle for World Supremacy” at the New Music Seminar in New York City and made it to the semi-finals.  Philly is the home of the DJ! Shout out to all my fellow DJ’s, and go watch “Juice” tonight!