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88th Annual Academy Awards - Show

The 2016 Oscars are underway, and host Chris Rock addressed the elephant in the room: is Hollywood racist?

Chris Rock nails opening monologue and Hollywood’s “sorority” racism. 

Rock pulled no punches keeping it honest as he walked onto the stage to Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power.” Right out of the gate, he exclaimed: “If they nominated hosts, I wouldn’t get this job!”

He also addressed the Oscars boycott controversy head on: “I thought about quitting, but they’re not going to cancel the Oscars!” After joking that it’s always the unemployed telling folks to quit a job, he took a quip at a Black comedian who’s had absolutely no shortage of work: “The last thing I need is to lose another job to Kevin Hart!”

While the audience awkwardly clapped through Rock’s truth-filled humor, he didn’t mince words on the hurtful racist brutality African Americans have endured for decades. “Why are we protesting this Oscars? Because we had real things to protest at the time. “Too busy being raped and lynched to see who won Best Cinematography.” Preach.

In the standout line of his monologue, Rock gets to the question on everyone’s mind: “Is Hollywood racist? Is it burning cross racist? No. It’s a different type of racist.”  The nicest people on Earth do not hire Black people. Hollywood is sorority racist.”

In case you missed it, check out Rock’s full monologue here.

Rock wasn’t the only actor to address the boycott controversy head on. Kerry Washington explained why she didn’t boycott Hollywood’s biggest night:

Stacey Dash, ummm… endorses Black History Month on stage. 

The hilarious sketch with overlooked Black actors forcing Hollywood to pay attention. 

In an SNL style sketch, Whoopi Goldberg (who was awkwardly mistaken on social media by a beauty website for Oprah on the red carpet), Chris Rock and Leslie Jones appeared as overlooked actors in this year’s Oscar nominated films. Although they didn’t boycott, they’re statement could not be ignored.

The Black History Month Minute

Angela Bassett introduced a cheeky tribute to Will Smith, or so we thought. After running down Will’s biggest films, the honor is really all for his sidekick… Jack Black. Well played.

Chris Rock hosts the best Girl Scout cookie sale in the history of Girl Scout cookies. 

His daughters are so going to beat Linda Dunn. Thanks to deep A-list pockets, the girls earned $65, 243.

Chris Rock talks to theatergoers in Compton. 

“You’ll still go to jail for slapping a White man in Compton.” In an area completely overlooked, Compton residents spoke with Rock about the 2016 Oscar nominated films, and their comments on diversity were more perfect than anything we’ve heard in months.

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