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Who is this man and what has he done with Kanye West? The rapper who’s infamous for attacking paparazzi and breaking cameras has done something we had to see to believe!

While leaving an airport “The Life Of Pablo” rapper was engulfed by at least 20 cameramen desperate for photos and an interview. The paps began pushing and shoving each other trying to get to the front of the pack and two guys in particular started brawling.

With all of the attention on the fight, Kanye could have used it as his escape route to head straight to his car. Instead, he did the unthinkable (for him at least) the rapper and father intervened in the fight and stopped the violence by hugging one of the cameramen who was trying to kick and punch his colleague.

Once he diffused the situation, Kanye was all smiles! He even answered a few questions. When asked if he and Kim will have a third child he said, “Perhaps”.

Kanye also cleared up the rumors that he’s broke after tweeting out that he’s $53 million in debt. According to TMZ, his pockets are more than fine, “but is still looking for other people’s money. And by other people we mean Mark Zuckerberg.

Beauties, do you think the Kardashian’s love for media attention has finally changed Kanye or is he only embracing the paparazzi because he just dropped a new album?


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