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Houston legends the Geto Boys are upset over a new Hillary Clinton attack commercial. And they have every right to be upset.

Team Ted Cruz created a video spoof about Clinton using the theme from a Geto Boys classic. The attack spot is called “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Clinton” and uses a famous scene in the 1999 movie “Office Space.” In the video, a Clinton lookalike and two associates use a baseball bat to destroy a computer in a reference to her private email server controversy.

In the movie “Office Space,” characters from the iconic scene, destroy a fax machine while the Geto Boys’ “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” plays.

In Cruz’s ad, the Houston crew’s classic has new anti-Clinton lyrics. “Damn it feels good to be a Clinton. A shameless politician plays her cards right. Got a crew for the fights on the airwaves. Lap dogs in the press keep their mouths tight.”

Immediately members from the legendary H-town group responded about the commercial.


Geto Boys’ member Willie D had words for Texas senator’s supporters after they told him he should be happy that the ad gets people talking about the group. He replied to Cruz supporters on his personal Facebook page “We don’t need Ted Cruz or his supporters to be relevant. If you think we should be grateful because dude used our music or you’ve never heard of us, that says more about your inadequacy than it does about our importance.

Now that’s gangsta….



Geto Boys Fire Back at Ted Cruz’s “Lame” Commerical  was originally published on boom92houston.com