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Michigan National Guard To Help Flint With Lead Contamination In Water Supply

Source: Bill Pugliano / Getty

In one weekend, a coalition of plumbers may have done more for the city of Flint than the government has in the past year.

In efforts to combat the ongoing state of emergency in Flint where the drinking water has been contaminated with lead and other harmful bacteria, the government is providing residents with filters.

Unfortunately, the filters can not be attached to many older model faucets. Recently, over 400 plumbers from across the nation went door to door throughout Flint to provide residents with new faucets that can accommodate the filtration systems. The new fixtures were donated by the Plumbing Manufacturers International.

Genese County Sheriff, Robert Pickell called the act of kindness “immeasurable.” His officers escorted the plumbers as they made their rounds throughout the city.

“Health is public safety and the safety of our people right now is in jeopardy and I think its incumbent on not only me but on all of the people in this community to get together and help to get this problem resolved. It’s a man made problem. It’s not made by anyone here [he said referring to the volunteer plumbers] these will be the people that fix the problem” added Pickell.

While the plumbers efforts may have provided a much needed relieve for many citizens, it’s still a temporary solution. The water is more polluted in certain areas leaving filtration ineffective.

According to ThinkProgress “…New tests released recently revealed that, in some Flint homes, the levels of lead “exceed the ability of filtration systems handed.” The filters can safely remove up to 150 parts per billion of lead. Some Flint homes were found to have lead levels of more than 4,000 parts per billion. Residents of Flint, however, are still encouraged to use the filters. For most homes, they will work. 

Approximately 800 homes have been outfitted with the PUR water filters. Residents who received new faucets and filters were also given supplies of bottled water.


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